Richard Chycki o Focusrite Red4Pre

Znany ze współpracy z takimi zespołami i artystami jak Mick Jagger, Areosmith, Rush czy Dream Theater(The Astonishing), Richard Chycky wykorzystuje w swoim setupie Red4Pre i SSL Sigma.

“It’s a great-sounding unit; the preamps are fantastic. They’re wonderfully open and accurate,”… “Plus it’s easy to zip back and forth between two different sets of monitor speakers and two different headphone mixes, which is great. Also, it just feels solid. After ten or twenty thousand miles, some gear might not do so well. But this has been traveling with me a fair bit, taking all the lumps and bumps you might expect—and I’ve had no problem with it at all. And to top it off, the ergonomics are amazing. I can really say that there’s a lot of love here for the 4Pre.”

Richard Chycki

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